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    Just left my $ at dealership and they didn't fix it! Argh!

    Ok, my problems started a little over 3 wks ago--posted here:

    Basically, the ski was surging at anything over 5k rpms. So I take my SeaDoo RX to the local SeaDoo dealer thinking surely they would know what they were doing and would get it fixed up for me. This is not local to my house, but close to where we were on vacation at a lake up north (4 hrs from where I live). Well, they did not get it fixed before it was time for me to leave to go back home so I left it there. As it turns out, my parents would be going up a couple weeks later and could pick it up for me. 2 weeks come and go and it's still not ready so my parents could not bring it back with them. Now it's the 3rd week and I have one more trip planned where I could pick it up. So I got it Thursday evening and just got the chance to put it in the water today... It was NO different than before--they didn't fix a thing. Told me they cleaned the fuel system and that it had some clogs in the accelerator pump (?). What bothered me was they never tested it in their tank, only with a water hose... Something was always wrong with the tank or the lift, etc. Also told me they ordered a carb rebuild kit for it, but as it turns out it did not need it. Charged me $255 and now I'm stuck. I can't really take it back to them as I'm leaving Sunday to head back home and have no more plans of heading back up north in the future. It is at least 250 miles away... I am going to have to argue for a refund, and I guess worst case I could dispute the charge on my credit card. This sucks... I think it has run right about 2 days that I've had the ski. Oh well, I'll find someone that knows what they're doing...

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    pull the may have a broken reed. pull the carbs again and replace the needle and seats. check the tank vents as they may be clogged. do you have any noticeable exhaust leaks? oil running down the side of the block? pull your rave valves and clean them up good. check the rubber o rings that are on the shatf for the blade under the housing. if they are loose and are leaking it can cause this symptom.

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