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Thread: Leaking oil

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    Leaking oil

    2001 Ultra had a few cracks in hoses after getting ski out of winter storage. Replaced all oil and fuel lines, but still have a little bit of oil pooling in the bottom when ski is sitting in the garage. I dont see any oil in the sight glass on the magneto cover. After looking at the service manual it looks like it may just be the seal on the magneto cover? Will I just need to take magneto cover off and replace that seal? Anything else I should look for?


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    Oh, dear...

    There isn't any sight glass on the magneto cover, nor is there supposed to be any oil in there.

    I'd bet that oil is leaking from the rubber seal on top of the oil reservoir. If you figure out a good way to prevent that, let us know!

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    Sorry I actually have a 2000 150. I am looking at pg 127 of the service manual and it says to "put 200 ml of 2 stroke oil into the filler on top of the magneto cover to fill front balancer room. Check oil level gauge (sight glass) to make sure oil line is near the middle." I went ahead and dumped 200ml into the front balancer and I still dont see anything in the oil level gauge. The oil res is only about half full, would it be able to leak from the top?

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    I stand corrected! I thought you only had to do that if you opened up the crankcase. We've had several people inquire about putting oil in the 'filler' hole on the front of the 750 engines, which you don't do.

    After looking at my service manual, it says to do this after: Coupling removal, Magneto Flywheel removal, Starter Clutch Gear & Starter Idle Gear removal, or Stator removal. Did you do any of these procedures? If not, my guess would be that it's now overfilled and completely covering the window.

    Sorry for my ignorance, learn something every day...

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    Steve -
    This is my first time having any troubles with this ski so I am learning alot myself. I have not done any of the procedures they list, I was just studying the breakdown of the engine trying to figure out where oil could be leaking without the engine running. Beings the oil is pooling right at the front, the only two places that seem reasonable to me would be the mag cover or possibly the oil pump? Beings I couldnt really see anything in the sight glass before I added oil and still cannot, I am thinking maybe that the glass is just stained blue like all the old "Clear" oil injection hoses. There is a screw near the sight glass that looks like it may hold the glass in? If anyone has any experience, advice would be great. It is a slow leak so if i can just keep an eye on it for the rest of the season and add to when necessary maybe this winter I can explore further.

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    DId you ever find the area that way leaking mine is doing the EXACT same thing and havent been able to track it down yet.

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