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    96 xp - fouling plugs?

    Hey guys, so I have my guy come out to tune my ski and he does, and all is good and he leaves and I go out and rip it around for a few minutes. Then I come back in and my friend gets on it and he is misfiring, or something the thing wouldnt get close to full rpm. So I replace plugs thinking they are fouled. Started back up- ran great right out of the box. Then once I slow down it starts doing it again. Does this sound like its too rich on the low end??

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    who is your "guy"? and what did he tune and why?

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    I used to work at a Mastercraft and Cobalt boat dealer and became friends with one of the mechanics. For a few years he worked at the local seadoo dealer before moving to florida. I usually have him do all my work. He adjusted the high speed screws, but i think all that needed to be changed was the low speeds cuz the high end range was good. When I originally rebuilt the carbs he came by and tuned it for me and was pretty good but I was still shutting down at WOT. After doing some research on the site (you guys are awesome) I had a list of about 5-10 issues that could be causing my problem so I went through by process of elimination. I finally bypassed the fuel selector switch and the issue went away. At this point he had it tuned and running well with the issue present, so when i bypassed the switch it began to run funny all over again.

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    granted I got impatient and did most of the work myself because you guys have such great write-ups on here to do all this stuff.

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    ok....just for future reference dont adjust the carbs after a rebuild if the ski is stock. there is no need to...I never have.

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    ok thanks for the heads up! however, the guy i bought it off had some guy working on it and he had messed it all up so i kinda did not have a choice haha. But anyways here is an update:

    Took ski out earlier and at first it did not want to run at full rpm, but it eventually got up there and ran like hell for a good 25 minutes. Then I went in, got some lunch and came back out and the thing was missing or bogging or something. It would not get to full rpm. Another thing I have noticed is I hear a rattling/rolling noise at times. The type of noise that a moving part makes when its working, but not running smoothly (bearing?) So I am thinking maybe a bearing is going out somewhere. Could this cause this loss of power? It was weird it would run a little rough, and then all of a sudden just jump to WOT and as long as I keep it there its fine... I have no idea what the hell is wrong with it haha

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    at one point the speedometer was also acting up doing weird things (usually does not work)..... The idle speed sometimes will rev up a little as well

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    Anyone have any idea on this thing. After running the ski again for a few minutes yesterday I noticed it really seems to be inconsistent as far as how much power is available at any given time. Sometimes it seems pretty close to running correctly, others I can tell by the pitch of the engine it just is not getting up to WOT.

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    Did he rebuild the carbs and replace the filters? Did he change the spring in the carbs to the wrong pop off pressure? Take your spark plug wires off and unscrew them from the boots, cut about a 1/4 off and you will expose fresh wires, get the wire moist with a lil spit and screw them back into the boot and replace the zip tie. Try this and see

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    I actually rebuilt the carbs because he comes out on the side and works for me, and I wanted to get it done and not wait for him to do it at his leisure....When I did the carbs I did replace filters and everything. Only thing that was not replaced was the needle and seat b/c at the time I bought the rebuild kits I did not realize they were not included. I did inspect them and they did not appear to have the "grooved" condition I was told to look for. I then left the original springs in there....

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