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    rxp-x mod list so far........... suggestions??

    ok running

    intake grate
    opas blok offs
    4' kanaflex
    riva x impeller and housing for the SC

    havent installed the impeller and housing yet, but some of you are saying to run the wedge and rod i prolly will but what else you think i should look at IT NEVER ENDS...........

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    what are you goals? straight line fast or around bouys fast? and what kinda water do you ride in, as in ocean or just lake/river

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    Combination of both chop/wave jumping and in the bay on glass, i would like top speed but low end is cool, iam not all that interested in cornering at all racing is cool when somebody asks i guess

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    sounds like you got a good start for parts then! the rod/wedge will surely help you get the nose up and some speed, dont know how it works out in the ocean though! im scared of sharks i dont go there hahaha

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    yea they aint too cool

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    Matt you can just browse through my sig and pick what you want. I recommend everything I got hahah.

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