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Thread: Hello Forum!

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    Hello Forum!

    Dirtrida2 aka Doug here...

    Used to be on these forums ages ago, but I got caught up with a lot of personal issues and college.

    I used to own a 2001 Yamaha GP1200r with the following mods:

    RD D-Plate
    RD Ride plate
    RD Intake Grate
    RD Pump Seal Kit
    Solas 13/19 Impeller
    Riva Free Flow Exhaust
    Riva Boysen Reed Stuffers
    Stainless Steel SHO Jet Nozzle
    RD Power Penum Flame Arrestor
    Marks "RPM Mod" Carbs, Fully Jetted

    Unfortunately I just sold this machine and still have some parts to sell that were leftover. Since this forum taught me how to build, modify, and tune my machine - I thought I would return here to sell my products and catch up on things.

    Currently I still have a set of Riva Heads with all hardware, Brand new unopened set of Wave Eater Clips, a 14/20 Impeller, and a PET-2100dx Tachometer.

    I don't have access to my previous email address so I wasn't able to log on my old account. I still don't have access to the Classifieds, but Im sure I will slowly build up my rep again on this new account.

    In the meantime, if anyone is interested in these parts feel free to message me. We could either do a paypal or ebay transaction.

    I actually sold the jetski and picked up a Honda 400ex for my ski house in upstate NY *FLAME AWAY*

    Thanks, Doug!

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    Welcome back what was your old username? I can have an admin send you the old password.

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    Well unfortunately my email was hacked or stolen, so i wouldn't want to associate any old user-names or information through that email since the account is still tied to it.

    I don't mind starting over fresh, but I appreciate the offer!

    My ski only left the yard a few days ago, it's still surreal looking out into the garage and not seeing it there. I put countless hours into that thing, but it was getting up there in hours and I wasn't in any mood to do a rebuild. Hopefully down the line I will be able to hop into a 1300.

    For now... I'll stick to my Quad.

    I do have a lot of experience with the 1200r's so I would be more than willing to hang around and lend my advice!

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