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    need a little help

    hello there, i have a 91 yamaha vxr 650. it having a couple problems. for one its really slow. when i give it a lot of gas it dosent take off very good. it kinda feel like a bad clutch would feel like in a car. also when i was going though the 6mph zone i noticed it smoked pretty good? any ideals?

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    Hi friend, a 91 is supposed to smoke a little. Its a 2 stroke. Thats the oil mixing in with the fuel. As far as the driveline problem someone else will have to chime in.

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    does the engine speed up (rev),and you don't seem to move sounds like your impeller and wearing,easy fix if its lugging ,do a compresson test,check your wires,plugs and carb,fuel filter etc,good lucl

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