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    my custom 3 ski trailer is complete

    I started out with a not so mint condition 2000 Venture trailer. with rollers for a 20-23ft boat.

    unbolted everything, put new waterproof lights on it, new brakes, new brake lines, and traielr wires on it. ordered up everything and fabbed up the trailer myself. took some measurements from my load rite double trailer and made it all work. used 6ft bunks and just took my time. sprayed it with heavy duty bedliner for a much better finish. Howd I do??


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    Looks good. Are you gonna put the spare back on?

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    Well done! How did you paint it?

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    Nice! How is the tongue weight on this? did you move the axle in at all to compensate for the weight of the single ski in front?

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    The tongue has been upgraded to a 3500lb tongue and I did not adjust the axle. I took it out for a good pull (abour 45-50min) and didnt have a issue. I painted it with heavy duty spray bedliner. not bad. I decided that because with the trailer in the water, its not nearly as slippery, it wont rust away, and it looks pretty cool. Here as som more pics

    I had a slight issue with the clearance so I had to pull the fenders off, I will be extending the brackets and putting them back on this week.. but everything else was great.. some pics of the skis on the trailer

    check out my custom tie downs. I mounted them right on the frame of the trailer and makes it a lot easier strapping them down.

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