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    yamaha waveraider question???

    i bought a pair of 95 yamaha waveraiders 717 the one has been rebuilt and modified the person i bought it from told me you could get more performance out of it if you remove th governor?? no clue where it is or what it is and if i should even remove it??


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    They did not come with electronic governers, so I am guessing that he added a manual on. If that is the case, then I would check the throttle cable from the throttle trigger all the way to where the cable attaches to the carburators and see if there is some sort of clamp in the way that would not allow you to work the throttle wide open. You can compare one throttle cable on one boat to the other cable on the other boat.

    He may have adjusted his cable in a way that it does not take advantage of the carburetors wide open. Pull the throttle cable check to see if the butterfly valves in the throat of the carbs swing wide open. If not, then the throttle cable can be adjusted to where you get more top end.

    These are just guesses, but a place to start.

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