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    Question Were do i hook a garden hose to my 94 sl750...?

    Trying to run my ski`s on the trailer after rebuild, were do i hook up the hose, i hook it to the water rail???

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    there should be a hook up on the water rail. Use vice grips or a clamp on the 3/4" line from the pump to force the water through the system. Make sure you start the engine then slowly turn on the water, not full blast, then stop the water and then kill the engine. Never run water without the engine running.

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    THANK YOU.....

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    On my race ski's I put a T in the water inlet hose comming off of the pump,
    Then you get a adapter with a cap, all from LOWES for about $4.00
    I then took a inline ball valve and put 2 ft of clear hose on the end with a garden hose fitting,
    that way you can hook it up with the end of the garden hose out side the engine bay, so no chance of water spraying on the engine or carbs,

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