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    How do I clean particles from the crank?

    Last summer, lost the #3 piston/cylinder. There are small pieces of the cylinder in the crankcase and parts of the crank. Finished splitting the crankcase this weekend and got the crank out.

    Definitely glad that I did this instead just a top-end rebuild. Anyway, now I need to figure out how to get out these small particles from inside the crank.

    There are pieces in the rear seals and in between the bearings.

    Does the whole crank come apart? Can I just do a bath and see if I can rinse everything out?

    This shows where I am finding small pieces of the piston:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    An example of what I'm finding. This is in between bearings the 2nd and 3rd piston rods.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Had the same problem on my '01 xlt 1200, skirt broke off on the exhaust side of the SBT piston, beat up the head and piston fragments everywhere. I'm going to hone it, try a different brand piston, and finish the summer. This is a SBT motor, which I will use as a core this winter, with A DIFFERENT rebuilder. 21hrs on it in 2 yrs and the piston falls apart!

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    My cylinder jug has a chunk missing, so I'm at least going to replace the jug and piston. As far as I can tell, crank doesn't have any damage. All the bearing turn smoothly, no dings, dents, or anything.

    How did you clean up the piston fragments from the crank itself?

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    I havnt cleaned it yet, upon inspection this evening, my case is cracked, so a new motor is in order. DAMMIT!

    I have 2 EXCELENT cylinders and pistons, mag & pto. Want to buy one? Gonna need the extra $$ for a core charge.

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    Man, sorry to hear that. I'm sure that it's definitely not what you wanted to see when you tore down your engine. I'm definitely interested in at least one set of cylinder jug & piston. I'll send you a PM.

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    Curious if anyone had good ideas on how to clean these piston remnants out of the crank.

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    I found the solution today!
    I sold it!!!

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    That's one way to do it. Kinda sad to hear that, was hoping to buy a cylinder/piston set from you. But, glad you got it off your hands and back and can move forward with your next one!

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