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    New FZR! A few quick questions...

    Just picked up a 2010 FZR. Man this ski wants to just take off out of the water! AMAZING handling. Never had a supercharger before... Just a few questions from the experienced riders... Should I spraying down the engine with WD40 after every ride? I'd like to keep it in NEW condition as long as possible. I noticed a little bit of salt on a few hoses which I wiped down. And is there anything I should be checking besides the oil? I'm coming from the KawaSUCKi Ultra LX with every problem in the book. Any advice?

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    I would take off the plastic engine cover and leave it off so you can see the motor and be able to get the product of your choice sprayed on the motor and replace the intake grate right away then have fun

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    Be careful with wd40. It can mess up electrical components. I personally use fluid film which won't harm electric connections and fluid film is safe to use on plastic/ rubber where as wd40 tends to dry plastics and rubber out. Congrats on the ski!

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    If you look at my engine you would think the ski just came from the crate, this is what I do first remove the engine cover and don't ever put it back. Hose the engine with fresh water after every ride, if you have a compressor dry out the engine with air then apply lots of CRC lubricant everywhere (buy the gallon one and refill a spray bottle, I go through 3 - 4 gallons yearly, completely safe with electrical components) and your engine will look newer than new for years to come.

    Now do me a favor and put a R&D Intake Grate with the inserts ASAP, before the ski bucks you off and we heard about another broken bones or worst story. Can't believe nobody has sue Yamaha for this already.

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