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    GP800 oil injection blocker help.. **pics**

    long story short, i had a oil failure. im not sure what happen, i lost lubrication to the rear cylinder... so now im convinced i now have to mix my own fuel. i have the parts coming for the rebuild, but if i bypass the oil supply.. what about the driveshaft bearing. it has oil supplied from the oil pump. if im blocking it, how is it going to be lubricated? can it be changed over to grease? do you have to worry about it?

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    ummm, say that again, the midshaft bearing is lubricated from the oil injection pump???

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    The hose coming out of the driveshaft bearing was connected to the oiler off the Carb. What do I do about it since I want to eliminate the oil pump completely?

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    A grease nipple connects to the hose on the intermediate housing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There is no oil line to the drive shaft. Its a grease line and should still be on the ski, if you took it off PUT IT BACK!! The other end of the line is attached to a grease fitting molded into the side of the exhaust. You took the exhaust off and probably didnt notice you took the grease line off with it. The oil pump itself all you blocking off is the whole in the front cover so moisture doesnt get into the flywheel cover. No lubrication taking place up on the cover. Just add the plate and the gasket.

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    im guessing thats for a 1200.. my 800 has a single rubber hose that was connected to the oil lines on the carb. it doesn't have a grease nipple. if i could convert it great.. but i just want to fix this before i go back on the lake, and have another failure later on down the road.

    its hard to see from my last pic, its looped right where the inlet to the bearing is.. but its a simple rubber hose that was connected to the carb. unless... that fitting is mounted on the carb, and i removed it when pulling the motor.. but if i remember correctly, it was oil that came out of the line when it was laying in the haul.

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    crap.. that was a fast reply.. ok, i'll double check.

    the ski was out of state at my other house, when it failed, i took it to a local shop, after a 1500 dollar quote, i brought it home to california. i didn't take the exhaust out.. they did, so i must of missed that. i'll have to look on the pipe then.

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    Did you even look at the picture I posted? It is from the owners manual!

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    there is no 2 stroke oil going to the midshaft bearing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by XL1200Ltd-Keith View Post
    Did you even look at the picture I posted? It is from the owners manual!
    i did look at the pic keith.. but i don't know why i was so set on it being attached to the oil system. since there was oil in the haul, and some of the lines fell in the oil, when i raised it up, and cleaned my lines, they were oily.. i just figured it was connected to oil. i didn't take the exhasut out, the shop that diagnosed the no compression tore it down.

    it never crossed my mind it was part of the exhaust that was removed. and the pic really didn't look that clear. now that someone said it was on the header, it makes sense. i saw the electronics box.. but didn't give it much thought it was on the header.

    but thanks for the help, now i can start building this motor and not worry about bypassing the oil injection.

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