hello all,
let me give a brief sequence of events for starters. 2005 gp1300 stock no mods.
had taken to dealer for throttle sticking issue. throttle body was binding up. replaced with new one. dealer mechanic left water inlet hose either loose or off when he serviced it. i found this out after riding ski for 10 minutes and i smelt somthin burning. shut ski down and it was too late. sensor never tripped overheat alarm. engine was toast. still under warranty so yamaha rebuilt entire motor. just got it back. went for test ride. seemed to run pretty well only idle was slighty rough. after 15 minutes of use ski looses throttle response. it will idle fine but surges and stalls once you apply throttle. it bounces between 2500 aand 1000 rpms. if i shut down ski and pull lanyard off and allow display to go out. when i restart it will plane off again for 10 seconds and then drop off again. i allowed it to sit overnight and tried again. ran fine again for about twnty minutes and then surging again. any help would be greatly appreciated. My hunch is a sensor malfunction maybe tps??? maybe overheating of engine caused some damage to one of the sensors on throttle body?? p.s. alarm does go off when throttle is applied and engine icon appears.