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    2010 RXTX Rough Water Loss of Power

    In rough ocean water, the ski is acting like it's not getting any fuel. In smooth water, runs totally fine. In rough water, up to about 6,000-6,500 RPM no problems, but anything above that and it and it cannot maintain the RPMS - they drop down and then it feels sluggish to get back the RPMS. Problem started on a pretty choppy day offshore.
    Supercharger hoses are fine. 23 hours on the ski. I will probably have to take it to the dealer (again), but thanks for any ideas. TOPS? Fuel Pump?

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    Hmmm, got me stumped. I went out late last night and purposely hit the chop on angles/straight on to challenge the hull @ full throttle.
    The ski hooked up very well MOST of the time. I did notice the differance when I trimmed it this time...

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    yesterday it was windy and i went to ride my rxtx260 in the rough waters offshore i didt notice his problem.

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    I noticed something like this too. Im pretty sure I ingested some water as the problem cleared up once I got out of the ocean. I was taking a beating from every wave possible.

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    Thanks guys. I'm going take it in this week and let you know what they say.

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    Went out in the ocean(Corson's inlet) today. Man this thing is sooo nice. I was hitting waves with 6'-7' faces. Smooth landings! I swapped out with a buddy who has a stock 04 RXP. What a difference!
    Another friend has a Honda 1200 and you should of seen his face when he got off my ski. His quote was "Man, this thing is a beast"!
    In the back bays we were carving ditches. It feels like it's on rails!

    Anyway...I was thinking about your problem, you guys both had problems after rough ocean water. Anyway your getting water(salt) in the fuel from the fill cap?
    Reason why I say this is on the way to the shore I got caught in a storm and when I got to a gas station I definitely had water around the seal and little drops in the fill hose. Kind of the same thing Scott is saying.

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    Also...what about SC clutch slippage? I know these skis are new but, has anyone checked there's yet?

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    Ive noticed the same problem but i was just thinking it was cavitation sinse it happens in the chop. have noticed that the rpms do fall of when she gets some air under her in the chop

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    I thought maybe SC clutch, but it doesn't feel like that (happened on my old RXT). In flat water, runs totally normal and strong. Definitely not cavitation as take off is not affected. Seems to be related to TOPS system or OTAS or not enough fuel pressure. When the ski gets bounced around at high speed, the fuel delivery is getting interrupted. Maybe fuel pump.
    Stuckmoto, I'll check into the fuel filler cap and see if it's letting in any water/salt, but if I keep the RPMS below 7,000, then there is no problem.

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    Got the ski back from the dealer. Although the check engine light came on at least twice and the engine died, they couldn't say exactly why the light came on. I guess there can be generic check engine lights that they can't diagnose or get anymore info.
    So, they told me that maybe it's overheating from putting a quick connection fitting on the ski while riding it and somehow that is restricting water flow. I put the fitting on after my second or third ride and didn't have any problems until about two ride ago.

    I hope they are right and it's done, but I looked at the opening in the boat and it's the same size or smaller than the quick connect, so how can it be restricting it?
    They charged me $45 too. What do you guys think?
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