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Thread: 10 hour service

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    10 hour service

    Im sure there is already a thread for this but everytime i use the search function, the results come up and then disappear right away..... My question is that i have the 10 hr. service due on my 09 wake 155 and all the stealerships want 300 bucks or higher (depending on which one) is this something i can do myself or is it something that i should take to them and swallow it for the first one and then do myself thereafter.

    Just tryin to save myself a couple hundred bucks...
    Thanks for the input guys!!!!

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    The most important thing on the 10 hr service is changing the oil/filter. Go to the SeaDoo how to & FAQ's and there are directions on how to do it. ( If you feel comfortable with it, and have the tools to do it, then do it yourself. The rest of the 10 hr service is all things to check. they are listed in your owners manual. If you don't have an owners manual, you can download one from

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    I have it printed off and waiting for when i do it i just hope that BRP wont be too sticky if i have any problems down the road and i show them that i did everything.

    Thanks Zone!

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    as long as you keep the dated receipt for the oil filter/oil, and show that you did what they ask, they have to cover you.

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