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    Mobile 1 10w-30 for wet pump mod

    I know the wet pump mod is usually done with gear lube, but I have a bottle of Mobile 1 10w-30 just lying around... Would it be safe to use this in place of gear lube for the wet pump mod on a 15F?

    Thanks guys...

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    IMHO spend the $7 for the bottle of gear lube and use the 10-30 in the car.

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    I agree with Drew.

    Even though the kinematic viscosity is nearly the same as 75W-80, I would prefer to use a gear oil that is designed with extreme pressures in mind. If you use a good marine gear oil, it will absorb up to 10% water without any ill effects too.

    I'll be using the Amsoil AGM Marine Gear Oil when I do my wet pump/2010 shaft upgrade.

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    I agree with Drew... My thoughts on it?? put the 10w30 in the car and get the correct stuff for the pump. something that spins that fast in a small space could relocate parts in the direction you wouldn't want to have to explain to those in the medical profession how it got where it is.. if you know what i mean. thats just my opinion.

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