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    Need help with Polaris Genesis

    Greetings all...

    New to the forum and already have issues I need help with. I recently aquired a 2001 Polaris Genisis. On it's maiden voyage we had problems. It cranked right up and I let idle for a minute then started off when it stalled. Tried restarting to no avail (beleive it was flooded). After floating back to launch area, tried restarting numerous times...would start but then stall. Here is the weird part...removed seat to check out engine...there was what seemed like excess smoke in engine compartment, but with seat off, she fired right up and would run fine...when we put the seat back on it stalled again. When seat is off, ski runs fine, however put seat back on and it stalls...can anyone help?

    Thank you

    C Michael

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    You need to do some checking before you try riding that machine.

    I suspect you have a melted or loose exhaust hose. Check every exhaust hose by hand with the engine off. Look for soft or collapsed sections, and holes.

    Also inspect the plastic exhaust resonators. Depending on your model/year, these can be hard to get at.

    You can start the engine on the trailer with the seat off, if needed, to see where the smoke is coming from. Do not run the engine dry for more than 20 seconds.

    Once you find the damaged hose, replace it. But you are not done yet. You need to fix the cause of the overheat. The links below will prove useful.

    Be sure to remove and clean the filter screen for the exhaust water injection, and the water injection orifice.

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    I had a 2000 genesis with the same issue, it turned out to be an exhaust leak under the reverse motor.

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