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    2001 Tx 1200 bog & backfire

    bought this end of last season ran fine,winterized it w/ stabil ran it then drained balance of gas. this year added fresh gas got it started but it will idle 7 w/ any throttle it bogs & will almost backfire.-time for a Carb rebuild? Also not sure if it's connected, but digital display in not working

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    The display problem may or may not be related to the throttle response problem. Replace the 1/4 Amp fuse inside the electrical box.

    If the display still doesn't behave, then unplug it from behind and install a by-pass jumper (info in the links below).

    Also plan to rebuild the carburetors and replace the original gray Tempo fuel lines.

    Make sure you have not swapped the spark plug wires, and have the correct spark plugs installed.

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