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Thread: Jet lag?

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    Jet lag?

    So I went out today and the ski is running top.. but there is a slight prob i need to know why and how to fix it. Its a 96 WaveVenture 1100 trip... Whenever I lay into it from a dead stop it lags about 2-4 secs... the engine revs just fine and it still halls ass but for the first couple secs it lags... I want to know why and how to fix it please? Thanks

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    Two things come to mind.... mind you, there could also be others.

    1. Your water box (muffler) is full of water when you idle. Water is constantly going through your exhaust system to keep the pipe cool. It is no problem cause the water is blown out with the exhaust. At idle though, the water will collect in the water box. When you accellerate, the first thing that must happen is that all of the water in your water box must be blown out. It causes a momentary hesitation.... or lag.

    You test for this by chopping the throttle after a high speed run (your exhaust system is free of accumulated water). As soon as your boat settles into an idle, go wide open on your throttle. If it accellerates hard out of the hole, then you know that your water box is just filling up because you are ideling around to long . In this case you did not give the water box enough time to refill, so the boat accellerates fine.

    The jetworks mod is the fix for this problem. Once it is set up, you will not have the problem again. Look up "Jet Works" in the "frequently asked questions" section, or use your search function.

    2. An other potential problem is that you are running to lean on your low speed carb. jet. Test it by partially chokeing the carb while you are trying to accellerate out of the hole. By chokeing, you are dumping more fuel into the carbs. If it accellerates harder (initially), but will not run well at higher speeds, then you probably have carb problems.

    Hope this gives you a place to start.

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    Ok i will def have to check these issue out.. Thanks

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