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Thread: SL650 Purchase?

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    SL650 Purchase?

    I have the opportunity to purchase a 94 SL650 with a craked piston. I don't know anything else about the ski. What am I looking at here, I know I will have to do a top end rebuild and probably a fuel system rebuild, which I am suspecting was the problem. Could there possibly be any lower end damage? As in to the crank to where it will be a major overhaul? I'm hoping at the most maybe a crank bearing? Any help would be great.

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    Welcome to the hulk.

    Honestly, it can be a crap shoot.

    If the piston is cracked, it may have some serious issues going on.

    And a bad crank bearing wouldn't be a good thing either. That would require a major crank overhaul too.

    You're looking at $200 to do a complete fuel system upgrade.

    Another $300 for a top end kit

    And around $150 for 3 cyls to be bored.

    Prob not a good deal for a 650.

    What are they asking for it?

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    He is asking $300 for the ski. I'm sure I could get it for less, cash talks. I was hoping to do a top end and to do the fuel system and be done with a cheap ski. What do you guys think? You know more about these than I do.

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    Any other input?

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    Like xlint said... it all really depends on what was damaged and what you can determine.

    Sure you could get the ski... slap a $150 used piston/cylinder on with a new gasket. But you would be doomed to repeat history since you never addressed the REASON the piston broke in the first place. Could be a carb issue. Could be fuel delivery issue. Could be a cooling issue. There's a lot of variables to inspect, replace and rebuild to know for sure. And it gets expensive pretty quick.

    But if you do go take a look. Check it over very thoroughly! Make a checklist. Take a knowledgeable friend. Don't do like I did.. get all excited... and miss the glaring issues.

    Check the crank. Pull the plugs and turn over the crank by hand. Remove the driveshaft guard so you can spin it. It needs to be smooth through all 360 degrees. No binding or grinding or gritty feel to it. The crank is the expensive part. If the crank and rod are okay... a replaced stock piston and cylinder isn't too terrible. Then check the rest. Inspect all wires... ensure nothing is melted. Check all fuel/oil hoses. Nothing should be leaking. Use a flashlight and inspect the jet pump... from below too through the intake grate. You should be able to see big chunks missing or wear ring scoring.

    Best of luck.

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    My concern is, you say cracked piston. That is most likely from hydrolock if it's the dome, or too loose of a piston clearance if it's the skirt.

    Hydrolock means crank can be out of phase. (rebuild crank)

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    IF the crank is 100% good to go, and all it needs is a single piston and its ready to run, its a good deal.
    The ski is absolutely not worth rebuilding the carbs, and rebuilding the top end.

    Only problem, is its not that easy to quickly determine what inside the engine is good, before you buy it and tear it down...

    If you can get it for $200 or less, have free time, and WANT to mess around with it, go for it.
    If you take the time to wait for parts to show up, you can find them cheap. If youre in a hurry and need it now, not so much...

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    Thanks for the replys guys. What would this ski be worth after a rebuild? I was mostly hoping I could get a running ski for cheap with a little work, but would also like to make a little $$ when I sell it.

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    Well, I was excited to buy a jet ski to wrench on a little. But with this particular ski I think there are too many risks and wont get much in return. I think I'll hold off and try to find one with a bigger engine and maybe a little newer. Thanks for the help guys!

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