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    Rebuilt motor now have water leaks.

    I have rebuilt my 96 slx780 .
    Now I am getting water leaking into cylinders.
    What did I do wrong?

    I thought gaskets were ok and undamaged.

    DO i have to rebuild again.Can i drain out the water somehow without rebuilding again.

    I did not have the plugs in and gas was off .
    I did take out the oil pump and blocked it off during the rebuild.

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    what gasket is giving you problems the head gasket, or exhaust ? Were they new gaskets ? and did you properly torque.

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    What do you mean plugs weren't in, and gas was off?

    I assume you re-used the gaskets on a rebuild? Why????

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    It really sounds to me like there is water sitting inside your engine right now...
    If this is the case, youre going to need a new crank.

    Water will shoot out the spark plug holes if you remove the plugs and crank it over at WOT. You really need to dump lots of oil in there to try and save the crank.

    If you have that major of a water leak, you might want to tear it down again and throw some new gaskets in there. Do you know where its leaking, how bad, etc? If youre re-using gaskets in perfect condition, I would spray them with copper gasket maker before dropping them on.

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    yes take the engine out , put first dump a quart of oil evenly in the crank case in hopes to save the crank from damage

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