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    how do u drain oil?

    i want 2 change all the 2 stroke oil out of my 03 gpr.

    i tried to stick a tube into the oil tank to siphon the oil out but it didn't get close 2 going down all the way..

    any suggestions?

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    pull the oil line off the oil pump of the engine (front cover) and start pouring it out cup by cup. might take you a while, if you have a suction hose might be less time.. no easy way.

    now that i think about it.. if you have a air compressor, you could pull the same hose to the oil pump, add some extra fuel line outside the engine room, into a bucket, and use your air supply with a blow gun, some rags around the filler, and pressurize the tank. it should force the oil out of the tank.

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