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    Thumbs up glade to be back

    see alot of the guys from the riva fourm still playing with there special toys alot of new tricks

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    I'm glad you are back with all the gang here, Phillip!

    Those of you from the old Riva forum from before Jerry started might remember him. He's my mechanic, and he's a wealth of information about skis and he's helped me with all of mine. From my first GPR, to my XLL build, to the Crayola, he's helped me with all my skis. In fact, we have started a new project just this week. He's also a good source for parts depending on what he's got around the shop. I'll back anything he sells to anyone, and if someone isn't happy with a purchase he will take it back. I might try to drag his ass down to the Mudbug next year.

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