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    Loose engine mount

    Hey guys, I've got a 2001 Genesis I. Lately I noticed a lot of engine vibration and today I found the problem. The bolts that hold the rear engine mount to the engine are loose. I can just barely feel them and can't get a wrench on them. They also have locking tabs bent up around them (didn't do much good!). I'm afraid I'll have to pull the engine out just to tighten them. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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    on a domestic your should be able to use a few extensions and tighten those easy , with a ratchet and deep well socket

    if your talking about the bolts that hold the case to the bracket , then you will have to take the engine out to tighten those

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    Yeah, it's the the two bolts that hold the case to the rear bracket. If I take it out to tighten them, I have to re-align the engine, right? And before I do that, should I put new bearings in the pump?

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