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    Impellar replacement

    Hi All, New to Greenhulk here. Big sled head but just bought my first ski. I have a 2007 Sea Doo RXP 215 with some mods. Was riding today and went through a shallow area and ended up sucking some rock through the impellar. My fault 100%. I took the impellar off from the back end and the blades are pretty mangled. Alot of bent blades and pits. The wear ring also took a beating. Alot of pitting and scrape marks. I have a Solas 15/20 stainless impellar with a stainless wear ring. I am buying the tool to remove the impellar, New Solas impellar and new wear ring. I think I am good with the impellar removal. How do
    I remove the stainless wear ring? I think the cavitation is all messed up. Cleared the rocks out and took for a spin. Impellar was turning and I was not going anywhere. I believe there were some air and bubbles coming through. Is there anything else I should check to make sure there was no damage? THe rocks actually wedged in between the impellar and wear ring. Actually shut down the motor. Could not start at that point till rocks were removed. Any and all advice would be appreciated. Dont min spending the money on performance parts just want to make sure I fix and rule out everyting. Water pumps seems to be working okay.


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    Remove the in the freezer. after a while..when you take it back out the ring will fall out. There's a how to in the FAQ. how'r the sharks teeth?

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