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    problems pulling a tube

    i'm using a 215 wake and using the ski pilon. the problem is that i had a round 54" sea doo tube and the rope is about 50-60 feet long. i'm towing 10 yr old kids so i dont go fast. the tube submarines under the water and the rope kick up a lot of spray. they kids complained so i bought a 2 person sit in (triange shape) took it out the first time and it went great the first 100 feet then it submarined itself. is the rope to long? or am i going to slow 15 -20 mph. usually submarines at the start, am i not getting up on plane fast enough. tough to go fast with the little ones on there, they get scared ?
    any recomendations ? on speed or rope length. did not have a problem with the knee board, just the tubes. knee board launch to 12- 15, once they are up on the board, move up to around 22 mph

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    Usually when im pulling a tube ill giver pretty quick off the get go and then ill slow down from there, usually i will tow them out at idle for for the first 100ft. and then once everyone is ready i will gun it get on plane and slow down within the next 100 ft..... seems to work for me anyway.

    And i typically go at the same speed as you as well

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    Not sure if this will help your problem but make sure you put the VTS all the way down and it will put out less spray for the kids in the tube.

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    I found you have to lean back when you start until the tube planes out. Then it is fine.

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    I've pulled tubes for years with my Wake with no problems. Whatever you do, don't pull the tube from the top of the pilon. Puts alot of stress on it. Tubes have alot more drag than skis or wakeboards. Secure your rope at the base of the pilon or on the 2 tie downs on the back of the ski. Make sure that your tube is properly inflated. I always inflate mine until the tube is hard with the pump maxed out. Yes the tube feels really hard but it will settle down once its in the water and cools off from the water. You've got to get the tube planing on top of the water. Pin it for about 20' and then let off. The best speed is between 15-20 MPH. Hope this helps.

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    i would try something like this, looks like it might solve the problem

    i would try mounting it like 5 or so feet from the tube doing so by taking your rope and hooking it to the front of the booster ball and get like a 5 foot rope and hook it to the back of the booster ball then hook the other end of the 5 foot rope to the tube, it might splash them so u might have to play with the different lengths of rope.

    never used it but saw it in a magazine and thought it might help so im just guessing but doesn't look like a bad idea.

    get them cheaper buy surfing around on here

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    gday mate ive have been pulling tubes for years with a 2007 gti i use a 45 ft rope no problems

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    I do the same when towing, I go 3/4 throttle get up and going then slow down appropriately otherwise it seems as though your ski is not running as it should.

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