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Thread: Carb problems?

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    Carb problems?

    I'm having a little bit of trouble determining which way to go with my carb regarding the fine tuning. I have a 92 650sx which has had some mild modifications done to it. What I have noticed since day one of owning it was a hesitation when you crack the throttle. For a time I was able to cure that but I had to open my high speed adjuster to full open. I tried changing the spring to get a lower pop-off from the stock 32psi down to 28 and also replaced the jets with an 85 pilot and 152 main from the stock 75 pilot and 140 main. All of the changes and still no luck unless I max out the adjuster. Any thoughts about this? Should I step up the jetting more to something like a 95 pilot and 180 main or lower the pop-off more with the next spring I have in the kit which is 19psi?

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    Make sure all your fittings and mountings are tight. I had a simular problem and it was the gasket between the carb and intake.

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