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    Domestic triple exhaust manifold

    Need a domestic triple exhaust manifold for my 1050. This is my last ditch effort to get my SLTX running's the only thing left to swap out!

    Anyone have one? There are a few prospects on ebay, but I always like to help fellow GH'ers clean out there parts piles first!

    I also need a single carb bolt if you happen to have one of those too! (One of the six that hold the carbs to the intake manifold.)

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    are you suspecting water intrusion??clamp off the feed line so no water makes it to the motor and leave the seat off,unload it off the trailer,start it and make a does it run??after you make the pass you can unclamp the line and cool the motor off.

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    Tried that, had no effect on performance.

    Either way, the outer jacket of my manifold is cracked and pissing a little water while running. Might as well fix it and rule it out.

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    I think I have a spare...make me an offer.

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    brian, i have good, fresh water ones here. you know the drill..... zig

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