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    Question Oddysey battery revive tricks wanted!!!

    Ok first ..I've bought a new one anyway..
    I have an ODDY pc625 battery that gone to shiot after 25 months..( go figure, its a two year warrenty). Really it's My fault, 'cause the 97 GP is a constant drain system along with the added florida heat,and its been awhile since the last ride..( fixed that drain issue with a blue sea isolation switch).

    I've cooked this thing on a Battery tender now for 3 days at the recommended low amps..My thought was to up the charge amperage to 12 amps on a battery tender and see what this may do to unsulfate it.. (yes, I will put it out in the field with a long extension cord and wait for the boom!!!)

    I do know that this is not the recommended way to recombine the 'juices' but other wise its a gonner as is..

    Any tricks I may try before taking this final step???

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    You could buy it at a batteries plus by my house. Gave me a 4 year replaceable in writing and in their computer.

    Just call oddysey up and let them know you been charging your bat with their charger and it is not keeping charge. They will work with you. Good people.

    Just an FYI putting an odyessey battery on anything but THEIR charger will void your warrenty. Also these are deep cycle batteries and need to be cahrged at 5 amp at 14.4 volts.

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    thanks kris! it sucks that this thing is only a month out ,but the battery was in a constant drain system (I didnt know it at the time a gp was this way) so it does say in the fine print that they wont warranty unless you follow their charging guidelines, using theirs or the other approved chargers that are listed on their website.

    am looking for a possible fix for this one!!!

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