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    2 Stroke oil Question?

    I have 2 skies Kawasaki sts and Polaris 750 Sl both say to use TCW3 oil. Ive seen many types of oil. Ive been using Super Tech walmart brand TCW3 2 cycle outboard oil. But I went to a different walmart and noticed they carried quick silver and offered 2 different TCW3 oils. One said right on the bottle PWC 2 cycle oil and the other said outboard 2 cycle oil. There was a difference of $3 in price but they were both rated TCW3 and made buy the same manufacturer. Neither one was synthetic. Is this a gimick to get us to pay more money or is there something Im missing here? Please help! Im a budjet guy dont want to spend the money on a high price oil just want to use the minum requirements needed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mogyver69 View Post
    ...Im a budget guy dont want to spend the money on a high price oil just want to use the minum requirements needed...
    Is it cheaper to pay more for quality oil or to rebuild a worn out engine from using inferior oil? I use Amsoil Injector (HPI) in my skis. It is a little more $$ per quart, but when you already spend $40 on gas to fill the tank what's another $5 to get the better oil.

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    I know some people who claim they never had any issues running the Super-Tech oil. I would never run the super-tech myself.

    Most people would recommend AMSOIL HP Injector, but its about $30/gal shipped, if you buy several at a time, and pay for the 'preferred customer' discount.
    Since the synthetic-blended Polaris Blue oil is $30/gal, thats not a bad price at all.

    I used to be running Polaris Blue, but I just found a local place that stocks Citgo Sea & Snow in 1qt jugs. Its about $16 a Gal, and its a synthetic blend.

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    This is the question i have in mind......I have a SL 780. what is the right oil to use. it does said TWC3 on the hull. but I heard people said it is best to use synthetic oil. I went to the Polaris dealer and this is the oil they ask me to use....... is this the right one?
    I am new to PWC and currently rebuilding my jet ski. just want to be very sure.
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    Right now in the 2-cycle oil world, we have 2 oils. TC-w3, and API-TC.

    TC-w3 is what most manufactures of watercrafts/boat engine recommend. BUT... this recommendation is handed down from the EPA. The newest rating of "TC-w" is an "Ash-less" oil. In the additives of the oil, they have removed all of the minerals, and metal salts that do not burn. (Things like Zinc and sulfur salts, and Azo Metal Complexes) This is a wonderful thing for the water, and the fish... but many of these compounds (like Zinc Striate) are a good high pressure or (with sulfur) an extreme pressure lubricant. By removing these compunds... the oil is environmentally friendly, but it will leave your engine vulnerable if you have a lean run, or it overheats. A TC-w3 oil is more than sufficient if everything is running properly.

    With an API-TC oil... all of those happy metal salts/compounds are still in the oil, and they are known as "Low Ash" oils. This type of oil will protect your engine better if there is an issue.

    If you decide to go to a synthetic... then your protection level is even higher, as the film strength of the base oil is higher... and the "Flash point" (the temp where it will ignite) is also higher, so if you have a lean run, it will not break down when it is on an extremely hot piston skirt.

    With the exception of SeaDoo... all of the PWC manufactures recommend TC-w3 oils.

    TC-w3 oils are easy to find, and cheap since they are the most widely used 2-stroke oil.

    In my Genesis project... one of the first things I did was to drain the oil out of it... and refill the system with a API-TC oil for better protection of an older engine.

    Last thing... what ever oil you decide to use... DO NOT SWITCH BRANDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Unlike automotive oils... 2-stroke oils don't always mix, and if you are using the oil injection system... you may have an engine failure because the oil in the tank may turn into jello.

    Just some random thoughts from a mad man.

    (BTW, I spent 7 years as an R&D chemist before opening my shop)

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    Thats some good info up there ^...

    And yes, that is the good ol' Polaris Blue. Its a fine oil, lots of people run it the life of the ski without issues. But it is also fairly expensive, and you can get a fully synthetic TCW3 or APITC oil for the same price.

    It all depends on whats available, and how much you really care. You shouldnt have a issue on the Polaris Blue, or the fully synthetic Polaris Gold. If thats what you can get easily, go for it. I would stay away from the super-tech at WalMart unless its a old beater, and youre premixing it a little heavy on oil.

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    You do NOT need a high dollar oil to protect a stock 750. Just about any 2 cycle oil will get the job done, and high dollar "racing" oils are a waste for this application. If you like Amsoil, the HP injector will work...but I'd just use something inexpensive. While I don't use SuperTech oil in my ski, its not going to cause the motor to seize up...The oil does pass strict's not just siphoned out of the gulf and put into bottles.

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    Hey Mogyver... I stopped by the local Polaris dealer (AllSport in Liberty Lake) and they had both Polaris Blue and Gold 2-stroke oils. I got a gallon of Polaris blue for $29 + tax. That stung. I too have started looking for a cheaper alternative.

    My ski came with a full tank of oil... and it smelled awesome! No really... it was the best smelling oil I've ever whiffed. Wish I knew what it was. Wish it smelled as good being burned as it did in the tank! haha.

    Where would one likely find Citgo Sea and Snow?

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    I just stumbled upon the Citgo Sea&Snow oil in a Citgo gas station... They even have NGK BR8ES plugs!

    I guess start looking at the oil in gas stations. I agree, $30 a gallon is just too much when you take into account how quickly you can use it...

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    Penzzoil 100% synthetic marine for our skii's. $27 a gallon at Menards.

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