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Thread: FZR basic mods

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    FZR basic mods


    I know there are a million threads on here, and thats kinda the issue. I just picked up a 2010 FZR and am curious about what mods can be made w/o spending an arm and a leg. I did order the R&D grate as I read about the pump issues.

    Can someone give me a list, or a link to where I should look. Ultimately, Id like to see 75 or so out of this thing. No radar numbers yet but its wifes GPR radared consistently at 67 and its smoking that like her anchor is dragging...........My guess would be 69-70 ish...........


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    Jerry's build up thread should help you considerably. Congrats on the ski!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeFZR View Post
    Jerry's build up thread should help you considerably. Congrats on the ski!
    you will find everything you need here

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    Ths is a good way to get her started

    And that is cheap from my perspective...

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    Thanks guys..................

    Looks like mostly Riva stuff?

    Also, I saw mention of many E3, C3, C20 things. Are these different wheels for the sc? Is there a list somewhere of all the options for them (the wheels)?
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    There are different wheels for the supercharger check this out and there is a lees expensive way to get past the rev limit and boost limit than an aftermarket ECU make sure to search for cheap mods like homade exhaust and intake to save money for the good stuff

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    Every ski is diffrent when it leaves the factory. The best advice i can give you is before you do anything get the r2 reflash. Once you have done this then you will know where your ski is at. If i had it to do all over again i would have done this first and been able to save some money instead of endless purchases and experiments

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