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    Help buying life vest

    We are picking up our first Sea-Doo saturday. I have no idea what life jackets we should buy. What's good, what to stay away from. Please help!! I want to buy only once.

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    flyin' the friendly skies airbornexp's Avatar
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    Slippery, Jet Pilot, Quakesense, just to name a few

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    Banned User
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    as long as its CGA (coast guard approved) you should be alright. from there it goes into style and comfort

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    I just picked up a jet pilot vest. I have no complaints and its CGA.

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    I got three jet pilot vest and no complaints here either.......

    you should go to a local surf and skate shop or any other sport shops to try them on to test which one fits you best........then go on [email protected] and get the best prices.......good luck

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    The thing I've noticed about life jackets is size does matter. Don't just look at the L, XL, XXL sizing, you have to look at the inches. I have a few jetpilot jackets, and one is a XXL 50-52, and one is a XXXL 50-52, and both fit the same. I know some of the wakeboard vests run even smaller.

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    Main thing is make sure its CGA and not a comp vest. I went to and ordered my vests. They have a huge selection and their shipping is very fast. Any CGA wakebaording vest should do the trick.

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    I find that the neoprene vest feel good, secure and soft, but tend to be pretty hot compared to a nylon covered vest. Pretty hot at the Colorado river in the middle of summer so I go with the nylon. Also, vest designed for watercraft riding verses water skiing tend to be cut a little shorter and are more comfortable while seated. They also come with a d-ring to clip your lanyard to. The vest I have has an extra d-ring up in the chest area where I clip a whistle to. It is best if you can try them on like mentioned earlier but if you have a good idea of your size iv'e found has a good selection. Good look.


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    You need to try on lifevests before you buy. Too hard to order them online because they fit everyone different.

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    Agree with others that you must try it on! I'm a XL guy and my vest had to be a XXL!

    The wife and I both bought the Sea Doo top of the line Air Flow vest and we really really like them. Mine was the special edition shown in the catalog.

    I like how they zipper in the front, only two buckles and they either don't get wet or dry very quickly! They are extremely light compared to some of the others especially when wet.
    Yes, they are pricey but as you said, one time purchase.

    Also I highly recommend some riding gloves! Hanging on when riding aggressively takes a tole on your hands. I bought the "shorty" gloves model number 285703 - BLACK

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