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    Oil consumption - oil injection type - whats normal?

    I have a 1998 1100 ZXI. Oil injection type. Does anyone know how much oil normally gets used per fuel fill up? Or how often and how much do you normally add when you ride?

    It gets a lot of throttling for having fun in small areas with constant turns and 180's. I think it used nearly a gallon of oil within a 2-hour period.

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    Our 1996 ZXI1100 uses about 500ml/hour of oil through the injection system. Works out to about 33 to 1 ratio.
    BUT, yours may use more, or less, so keep a CLOSE eye on it until you see a strong pattern developing.
    And, check that the bolts that hold the pump onto the block are tight, mine backed off and disconnected the drive, so the pump quit pumping oil to the carbs and partially seized one cylinder.

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    if you are running through a gallon every two hours something isnt right...... that means your burning 32 gallons of fuel an hour at a rich 32:1 ratio.....

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    I use a 3/4 tank full of oil about every 3 tanks (1 tank=6 gal) of gas, but I do have a 650.... Put you some marks on the oil reservor and watch everytime you take it out.

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    After viewing the responses to my oil injection question - I decided to look further into it since it was excessive usage in comparison with your responses. It turns out that the level of oil I was looking at was actually old oil sludge marks or dark areas near the bottom of the plastic oil tank. Thanks for the responses since this is what led me to figure that out.

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