Can anyone offer any tips on battery fitting on a 1997 Speedster. I used to have an Optima blue top, which just about slid past the exhuast expansion chamber and into the battery tray. Unfortunately the battery died and I now live in the UK where the Optima's a really expenasive. I've purchased a new sealed battery but just couldn't fit it in the battery tray, I had to remove the exhuast expansion chamber (not a big job but an inconvenience).

Are there any tips to fitting a battery, are there any smaller battery alternatives?

If anyone also has any tips on securing the battery I'd love to hear them. The stock Speedster mount just didn't cut it (I use my boat in the ocean and it's typically bumpy). Right now I use a ratchet strap passed under the battery try. But I thought there must be a better way of securing the battery.

Thanks... Adrian