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    VX700 Whats the lowdown on these? (yea...not avilable in US)

    Just got back from Cancun, Noticed a Azz-load of Yamaha VX700 2-stroke Rentals(all new). Holy crap, every one had moldings hanging or missing alltogether. Bad hull scratches etc. Between people running them all the way up on the sand while still reving the engines & the people who rent them running them in surf only feet from the shore,...i can't see how the jetpumps on these hold up for more than a week at a time! I guess at $60 for 30min rental & them running for 7-8 hours a day, you can afford to buy whole new skis every couple of months. One things for sure the VX700s have a HUGE hull space with only the little 700 2-stroke inside there. Seems like you could crawl inside the hull to work on them!

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    Cheap, reliable waverunners that hold up to constant abuse I suppose. I guess we have 4strokes here because of emissions regulations or all the rental places would have these. I wonder what the cost of one new is?? Im guessing under 5k. Looks slow, big and boring too

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