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    Angry xp 02 rpm problem

    I have an Seadoo Xp 2002 947cc, 130hp. The engine is fully rebuilt, piston, cylinder, bearing everything, piston compression 142 -145psi. I used to have electric problem too, these seem to be fixed but then I still have a problem. When I'm on idle, in water, and pushed the engine to full throttle, I can't get 7000rpm to get full acceleration, the max rpm is 5800 rpm in acceleration. When I'm running full throttle, max speed, in movement, the engine go to 6000 rpm max. When I play with the VTS switch (just for a second) while I'm running max speed and full throttle the engine go to 7000 rpm with hard acceleration no lack of power. Then if I'm going under the 6000 rpm and put back to full throttle the engine go to 6000 rpm max. Sometime, the engines past from 6000rpm to 7000rpm by itself. For second problem, I can't kept 4750 rpm. For example, if I pushed throttle to 4000rpm, I kept this engine revolution and raise a little moor the rpm, It will jump right away to 5000. I'm unable to stay at 4750rpm. Same thing between 6000 and 7000rpm, I'm not able to stay at 6200rpm or 6700rpm.

    I have already clean my RAVE valve and every thing look good. The spark plug are new.

    Is there anyone who could tell me the problem?

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    For starters you dont have a 1000cc engine. you have a 951cc. I think from what you are describing is that you lose power when adjusting the VTS at WOT?I dontunder stand what this means "it stock at 5800 rpm in acceleration" and "Then if I'm going under the 6000 rpm line and put back full throttle its stocks again at 6000 rpm. Sometime, the engines reach 7000 by itself" It sounds like you ski is surging or bogging. have you pulled the carbs and rebuilt them? have you cleaned the entire fuel system? read the DIY fuel system cleaning thread at the top of the two stroke section if you havent.

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    Sorry for my english, I have edit the text, maybe you will understand it now.

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    Sounds like a carb problem. What do the plugs look like?

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    I just rebuilt my carb too day. I will try it soon. I let you know.

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    ok I test my seadoo too night. As I said, the carb are freshly rebuilt.

    At the beginning, when I was at the idle in the water and give him gaz (wide open throttle), everything was looking fine, the engine was at 7000rpm as he is supposed to be. I could also hear the cut off. After 5 min, the engine starts to do the same thing he was doing before I rebuilt the carb. When a give him gas (wot), he only go to 6000 rpm. When I am in movement, and hold gas (wot), the engine goes to 6000, and climb to 7000 as the speed climb to.

    Also, this is a new thing. When I am to 3000-3500 rpm and hold this rpm for a couple of second, and after give him gas (wot) from there (3500), the engine die a little bit before the rpm raise to 6000. I also make a second test. If I do the same thing at the idle, the engine response is good.

    Also, have held the seadoo to 6000 7000 rpm for about 10 seconds, and push the kill switch. I have taken a picture of the spark plug. Why is the left plug have less of carbon where is the fillets? Is there something wrong whit theses plug?

    Is the trouble is only the carb ajustement?

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    your plugs look fine. chocolate brown is what you are after. im wondering if your problem is a grounding issue. try replacing your ground wire from the battery to the engine.

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    I will pass a new ground tomorrow and take I ride to see if the engine will run good in the beginning like yesterday. I will recheck de carb if he do the same thing. I will also put back my older arm spring inside the carb.

    Any other idea?

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