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    New Owner, Rebuilding, Need Help


    I purchased a 1997 780 SLT and have ended up having to rebuild the top half of the engine. I'm also doing ALL of the fuel system while I am at it. I need some help finding a fuel pump rebuild kit (bikebandit says it's discontinued). I also need engine install tips if anyone has done this recently. It was a bear to get out because all of the bolt are HARD to reach with the engine in the chassis! Anyway....I know it needs to be aligned when reinstalled....anyone have tips for that?

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Welcome to the Hulk todd.

    Contact Jay at Sharp's Marine or John Zigler at Rock County for the genuine Mikuni rebuild kit.

    You'll need the alignment tool to do it. Start with the same # of shims you had on the mounts.

    Then snug up the motor mounts and check how the tool slides into the engine coupler. Adjust from there and continue.

    It's just trial and error.

    One tip I can give you is:

    You can manipulate the alignment depending on which motor mount nut you start to tighten first. And tighten them with gradual increase in torque. Don't torque the first nut to 45 ft lbs., then the second, etc... Start with 20, then 35, then 45 on them in order.

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