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    Rebuilding a 1995 SL 75


    Allignment of head gaskets. I need to know how they allign on the cylidar jug to make sure the water flow ect is correct.

    Do I need to pull something out of the motor when I install a oil block off plate. I have installed the plate but did not pull anything out.

    Any tips would be appriciated. Going to hon the cylindars tonight and start to put it back together.


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    the tab on the head gasket should be aligned with cooling rail.& there is an up side usually its clearly marked Yes pull the oil pump internals when blocking off. Be sure and use new gaskets for rebuild.
    Good Luck Brian

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    Take the geared pump rod out under the pump that goes into the case. They sell a plug that fit in there. Then the plate. The reason for plugging it is to keep the crankcase volume the same. the plate just covers that up.

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