Hey guys I am new to the jetski world and as such am new to TS as well. I recently picked up a Monte Carlo 640 that has been sitting for a couple of years for trade on a pond boat. I drained the old gas and pulled the carb,cleaned it out good, checked the reed valves - no issue there. Changed plugs, cut boots off and reseated plug wires. Checked compression after running for a few minutes on hose -150 both cylinders. Ran ok but still felt like it was missing when I rev'd up. Took it to the lake and dropped her in cranks right up and I take off but have no top end and it feels like misfiring bad. Maybe 25 mph top end speed.
Oh before I cut boots off I had checked the resistance readings on coil and was reading around 13k ohms on secondary with boots on and with boots off about 4.7k ohms which per the book is in tolerance. Put boots back on and back at 13k ohms. Any ideas on the lack of power?