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    sltx Surging

    Hey Guys, Long time reader first time poster. I love this site. I have picked up alot of info over the years. I am A tech at a Polaris dealership/ Or we used to be a dealer lol We had to let it go this spring. Anyway We work on snowmobiles and atvs more than watercraft So I don't know as much about pwc's. I am hoping you guys can help with this problem.I am working on a 97 sltx 1050 and it is doing some strange stuff. I ran it on the hose and you can rev it up and it go to about 5000 and start surging like it was starving for fuel. I toke the flame arrester off and the oil cable was loose where it mounts to the rack. I fixed that and took it to the lake. It would run about 25 mph 5040 rpm's. I took off the carbs and went through them and replaced the lines all but the two pulse lines. The carbs were not to bad one was put together wrong and the fuel pump was loose. I put it back together and ran it. It comes out of the hole good and runs about 40 now but still low rpm's. It sounds like it is limiting in the water but it sounds like it is surging out of the water. It had 140 pounds of compression and good spark on all three. If I take a plug wire off It acts the same. You can take any plug off and no change. The reeds are in good condition as well. Any ideas? thanks in advance.

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    Is the MFD red light flashing, or is it displaying anything?

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    No it is not. I disconnected the limiting system and it still did it

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    Anybody have any idea's?

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