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    GPR starter, bottom case, front cover and stock airbox w/o silencer tube

    I have the above mentioned stuff just laying around and need to get rid of.
    The starter came on a set of cases I bought and I touch the posts with a battery and jumper cables and it spins. Front cover is very clean but bare, nothing on it. Bottom case is from a running motor but a loose exhaust bracker cracked off the mount of the top half.

    starter - $50 OBO
    bottom case - $100 OBO
    front cover - $65 OBO
    airbox - $20 OBO

    Make me an offer for anything, just wanna get rid of it for some extra gas money


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    i can use that starter if its good/for a gp1200r, you will ship and you take paypal. send me a paypal request at "[email protected]" if im ny 11727 i figure shipping would be about 10$

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