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    99 tiger shark 1100 cc triple with carbs will not go slow seems to run out of fuel

    Please help with any suggestions i have a 99 tiger shark 1100 cc carb model 3 seater that starts great gets up to speed great but when i try to go 15 to 20 mph it bogs and i have to blip the throtle to get it to go. The plugs look great with a tan color and does not show lean at all. I have cleaned the carbs also

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    Sounds like a carb issue, when was the last time they were taken apart and at least inspected???

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    thx for replying i have cleaned the carbs and air box also a new fuel filter the manuel says 7/8 turn out on low speed but i have the 2/1/2 turns out and it does not make much difference.i have found a check valve on the top of the tank i have not replaced this. it runs great at 1/2 throttle which is 45 moh on the speedo

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    I’m having the same issue with mine.
    Did you find out what the problem was?

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    accel pump not working, common problem. need a diafram

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