I have a 02 gtx 4tec, I just got the ski back from the dealer, after them having it for over a month. For a oil leak out the drive shaft. major leak, they said they fixed it. Now I took the ski out for about 2 ours the other day, It ran great no problems, until I went to gun it and all the sudden it bogged down and beeped once for about a few seconds. Then it came back and I headed back in, then again it beeped once for a few seconds, I didn't notice anything on the display nor the oil light. So I got back to the dock, opened it up and noticed a little bit of oil still in the hull, now I figured it was residue, so Now I spent all day cleaning it out, then hook it up to the hose, and what do you know, their is another leak, if your facing the back of the engine its coming from the right side, it wasn't pouring out like before but you can tell somethings pumping it out in just a few seconds their was probably 1/4 of a cup. I attached a pic of the leak. Thanks

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