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    Grenaded the motor in my RXP yesterday!!

    As some of you know or have read my recent threads I have been struggling with an oil consumption issue as well as reduced RPM on my ski. After replacing the valve seals I noticed I was still getting oil on the rear number 1 plug along with some smoke while running it on the trailer. Knowing there was a good chance of alot of residual oil being in the cylinder and exhaust I decided to ride it yesterday to monitor oil consumption and see if it was still using it........ About 2/3 of the way through a tank of fuel the bottom end let go, was cruising at about 5500 RPM when it beeped, showed "oil" and nosed over and died, when attempting to restart the engine barely cranked (like it had a very low battery), pulled the seat cover and was greeted with a big cloud of smoke and noticed oil/antifreeze splashed all over. After being towed in and a quick inspection once on the trailer I noticed chucks of my engine block laying in the bottom of the hull.

    Im at a crossroad, my ski (2006 RXP) has 123 hours on it but is mint, My charger has less than 50 hours on it and was just gone through, we installed new slip washers. I have fresh valve seals in the heads and all electronics function as new. Is it worth fixing, I will definately need a new short block (pulled the plugs and there is no sign that any of the pistons kissed the head). I know SBT has cheap remanufactured engines but Im well aware of their reputation for being lackluster quality.

    Looking for some suggestions as well as what its likely to cost to get her back in the water. Im pretty handy at wrenching so I dont mind doing the work myself short of actually doing the internal engine assembly.... I would atleast want someone looking over my shoulder who has experience with these engines.

    Let me know what you think and thanks in advance


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    That sucks man... 123hrs If the hull and the rest of the ski is in good condition... I'd keep an eye out for a good used engine, or just block & crank. SBT will rape you for a pos motor without a good core. Personally... I'd part it out before going the SBT route.

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    First thing to do is take the motor apart and see what you can save. But best bet is to find a used motor...

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    That sucks!
    I sold my 05 block along with all new bearings and seals to a member here bradster.
    If an 05 block will work he has everything but a crank to build a bottom end for like $750.


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    Lets see some pics of the carnage!! Did you ever injest water into the engine? Maybe the rod on that cylinder was bent slightly. That would cause oil consumption if the piston was tweeked in the bore. And then the rod eventually let go creating a nice vented block!!

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    I have a engine for sale $3000.00 + shipping. PM me if interested.


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