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    Another prop question

    I have an 08 PX with 8 hours with the following mods: R&D grate, Riva FF, Kanaflex air intake. The temps have been deep in the 90s and the water temp is up to 88 degrees here. With these mods the ski is currently turning 8140 RPMs with 3/4 tank of fuel (no test runs were made with lower fuel). I know once it cools off and the engine breaks in more I will be all over the limiter. I bet with under 1/4 tank of fuel I will be close to the limiter.

    Im really not sure what my next mod should be. Ive thought about installing a 83mm nozzle to get the RPMs down just a hair and this may keep me off the limiter this season. My other option is to purchase a 15/22 and install it. Id prefer to stay away from messing with the prop just yet because id like to only mess with the prop one time. This off season I plan on relocating the intercooler, remove the FA, install OPAS block offs, install Riva water box and through hull. I dont expect much power gain from these mods but I do expect a little more power. With all of the mods listed above will a untouched 15/22 be to much prop or will I need a setback mod?

    I want to know what the best bang for the buck mod is I can do next? Keep in mind that I will be working alot on the ski this fall. Whatever I decide on is going to be the last thing for the ski this season. Thanks guys.

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    ttt, whats the best thing to do next?

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    Go ahead and drop in the nozzle and prop bro and see where your at.

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