With alot of help from my friend. We have cleaned the carbs on both machines. We even replaced one of the pistons on one. It was in bad shape. Cleaned the air filter. As suggested by "Myself" (above). I rechecked the hoses and did end up replacing the hose between the pipe and water box on one of the skis.

They both seem to run alot better. But still both have a problem.

They run very well at full throttle for long periods of time. But when we let off the gas and let the machine idle, they either kill or bog down/ sputter. They don't kill during full throttle. Again, as soon as I restart them, they're "ready to go", and can go full throttle immediatly.

Not sure where the pressure relief valve or the vaccum check valve are located. Can someone help me out on where they are located. I am familiarizing myself with the machine as we go. And don't have a base knowledge of my machines.

So to this point, here is what I have done:

1. Changed the spark plugs.
2. Checked the fuel lines for clogs.
3. Put new fuel filters in.
4. Check the water separator.
5. Siphoned some gas from the bottom of the fuel tank (clean).
6. I also added a fuel additive. Not sure what it was though, someone suggested it to me.
7. Checked hoses and replaced as nessary.
8. Cleaned Carbs
9. Checked reeds
10. Replaced a piston on one.
11. Cleaned air filters

We checked the pressure relief and vacuum relief valves tonight. They were a little clooged. We cleaned them out and they seem to have better air flow. They were'nt bad though. One question, when I remove the gas cap, there is pressure build-up and there's a hiss. Should this happen?

The carbs looked good after we cleaned them. I prefer at this time not to have to rebuild the carbs? They ran well up to last year. I didn't winterise them very well. Could there be something very simple that is being overlooked. Like a hose that could be clogged or gummed up?

SOme of you may have seen this post befor, as I have also posted this on PWCToday. It was suggested that I also post on this site by one of the others on PWCtoday.

Thanks for the help.