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    '95 SL750 oil pump adjustement?

    Can anyone tell me the proper way to varify oil pump adjustment and how to adjust if necessary. It is a 1995 SL750 with the solid arm connecting pump to carb.


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    just make sure its not binding when the throttle is pulled. even if it were to break, it would supply 40/1 all the time. If you have a variable pump on it, it will suppluy 100/1 at idle,40/1 at WOT and 50/1 cruising.. the constant is 50/1 I think.

    just make sure the oil lines are in fact on the nipples and the clamps are in place. check with a small mirror to be sure. check the lines at the pump for the same thing. at the oil tank also....

    no adjustment is necessary. keep the oil tank full always.. it will be good for a few tanks of gas. use a good 2-stroke oil.

    your oil on your ski gets squirted above the fuel stream and gets mixed as it goes thru the carbs. a 780 has lower oil feed holes for the oil in the carbs.

    also take a look at where the pump connects to the block. look for signs of leakage. check the oil level while riding to see if it is getting used. your ski should smoke a little while idling, thats normal.. no smoke means Ah! the sweet smell of r-50 racing oil!

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    Changed carbs to a newer style (black carbs). Now when I check with a mirro the line is not lining up with the notch in the arm. I dont see any obvious way to adjust other than shortening the long connection rod. I am concerned it is running too lean on oil.

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