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    Took the 1100 out for a tune

    Yesterday I dropped off the 701 for new cyl work. Now it was time to tune the 1100 Raider after my recent work. The river was glass and nobody around I had to share it with. Perfect for seeing how the cut stock grate performs. This season mods were Ocean Pro f/a's, Primer kit, new jetting and springs, Solas I, and the modded grate. After some hi/low adjustments I got it where I can ride it and have fun, but there are moments where it needs babied. Perhaps some of you tuners can help a brother out:

    Idle to WOT - under gradual acceleration it's pretty smooth and power band kicks in as expected.

    Idle to WOT - holeshot - there is a slight studder & hesitation in the middle but not a death bog. I think it's a hair rich.

    Top End - outstanding. It felt really fast! Glass and cut center bars on the grate made me smile.

    WOT to Idle - the rpms drop slowwwwly and boat takes a while to come to a safe crawl. I think the throttle cable is sticking a bit.

    Turns and fun - I'm experiencing a bog trying to come out of the hole after a couple high RPM turns and carving. Not hesitation but a dead zone. I have to let off the gas and let the motor recover. I've heard of turning issues and fuel flow before but this is my personal 1st experiencing it.

    Speed - The dream-o-meter now reads a solid 67 on glass. Prior to my mods it was usually @ 64. I don't have a GPS but my guess is subtract 5 from the liar's wheel?

    BTW - I forgot how puny and cramped stock Raider handlebars are. Especially on a 1100 Raider, it's like riding a bull and holding on to that little horn on the saddle. Much less control and confidence than my Rethals on my 701. Anyone with an 1100 Raider - do yourself a favor and get some longer bars with less of a bend.

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    sounds like your running a hair rich, thats why it takes u so long to drop rpms, there still fuel burning in the cylinders, how do your plugs look??? if u have an open lake, ride at wot and kill the motor, then pop the hood and check your spark plug color, btw, we have the same skis

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    Rich = yes. Currently running 2 turns for highs, 1 1/2 on lows.
    These are last season's plugs. I'll put in the new one's so my plug color will be accurate.

    Have you messed with plate shims and gotten results?

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