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    Sea Doo 1996 GSX question

    Hey guys, i just bought a 96 gsx with a 0 hours rebuilt 787 engine. Me and my friend put the engine in to the hull (the hull has been sitting for like a year). we have a oil injection block off and using premix gas. from what the guy told me everything is new (spark plugs carbs etc. new but sitting for a year with the hull) but when we try to start it, it turns over really fast but wont catch even when we use ether. we had the battery connected to my car also. i was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions or input? i want to hear this baby purr asap and from my past experience if you need ski answer, this is the place to come... thanks in advance guys

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    Hello and welcome. first I new also to the Jet Ski world. Got 2 old ones 2 months back. one is a 96 GSX. First I would test your plugs to make sure they are getting spark. not spark no fire no matter how much stuff you spay in the cards. If you get not spark frome the plugs then fallow them to the black box and open it to check the bolts in there. Mine was all rusted and tashed. repleace the same black thing that was in it and ran great after that as I had spark. Wish I could help more but that all I can think of at this time. Oh also check your fuel lines to make sure fuel is moving. if you have the old gray lines replace them. Also make sure your fuel selector switch is in the on pos. and you mite need to check your fuel filter in the front make sure its clean and has fuel in it.

    Good Luck.

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    You should clean the plugs and re-gap them. If the engine does not fire I would check my fuel delivery. I would clean out the fuel filter in the carbs and make sure the gasket is not broken and that it is sitting in the carb correctly.

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    I appreciate the suggestions, i'm just going to buy new spark plugs, i will also try cleaning the filter and check the gasket, thanks again guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmore35 View Post
    I appreciate the suggestions, i'm just going to buy new spark plugs, i will also try cleaning the filter and check the gasket, thanks again guys
    I would suggest NOT to use any type of ether, starting fluid or accelerants in the engine. There is no oil and no lubrication with that. Use gasoline. If theres spark, and gas, itll run.

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    How can i test if there's spark, i have tried everything to start this engine, and i really don't want to have to bring it in. It turns over very fast, but it doesn't seem to catch

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    never jump you battery with a running car. you could fry your mpem. if its spinning, check you compression. if good then check spark and fuel delivery. get new plugs too

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    To test your spark you can in two ways.
    1. have some cover over head so it darker where you working. pull the plug then place the boot back on the plug. Holding the boot lean the plug so that the plug is tuching the motor on the end of the plug. trun engine over you should see a blue spark.

    2. pay 3.99 from advance for a tester. it plugs in like the plugs do and turn the engine and you can see the spark a hole lot better.

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    not looking like theres spark... what can i do to fix it? and also where should i connect my ground wire? thanks guys

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