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    96 XP Pre-Purchase Question

    I am looking to get a 96 XP. I found one for 700 w/o trailer and needs a new freeze plug installed in the block.

    How much does it cost to get a freeze plug installed or can I do this on my own?

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    i think no one has responded because i dont think seadoo motors have a freeze plug?

    You might want to see what is really wrong with the motor.....As far as i know only boats have a freeze plugs. If the 787 has them i dont think i have ever seen them. If that was all that was wrong why wouldnt he just put a new one in and sell it for double?


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    I wonder if the seller is talking about the copper caps in the exhaust that tend to rust out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by airbornexp View Post
    I wonder if the seller is talking about the copper caps in the exhaust that tend to rust out?
    I agree or maybe that big freeze out looking plug behind the PTO.

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    Well, if it is the ski i was thinking about too, i emailed the guy from craigslist. I asked if he had pictures and offered an amount lower than he wants ( not even a current picture!?) .. and his response was "No and No."

    The only "freeze plug" i know of are on the exhaust. I had to have the plug on my XP welded because it was leaking like crazy!!!

    I mean without a few good pictures, or a quick visit, i won't offer too much more. The problem could be worse than he thinks or is saying...

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